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Transformative Programs for Personal Growth

Welcome to a space where personal transformation begins!

My tailored programs and services are designed to help you achieve personal and spiritual growth. From community support and live workshops to self-paced courses and one-on-one coaching, you’ll find the guidance, tools, and vibrant community you need to transform your journey.


“Your masterpiece in this world can only be brought to life by your willingness to create it.”


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Finding Calm in the Chaos

“Simple Strategies for Managing Stress & Overwhelm”

The guidance from Christmas assisted me in discovering areas of my life that required attention and priority, to help me move forward and place myself in a position to reach my goals and make choices that are aligned solely with my highest good.

S. Taylor, Business Professional

Programs and Services

SageFroots Membership

Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth with tailored live group coaching, engaging Q&A calls, interactive learning webinars, a vibrant community, and much more!

Elevate Insight Mentorship Program

A transformative 6-week journey that bridges the gap between foundational and advanced psychic practices, fostering deep spiritual connections and personal mastery.

Live and Self-Paced Personal and Spiritual Development Courses

Explore comprehensive live and self-paced courses and workshops designed to inspire and empower your spiritual journey.

1:1 Personal & Spiritual Development Coaching

Get personalized guidance to deepen your transformation through limited 1:1 personal and spiritual development coaching.

I would recommend Christmas because her insight and the way she sees into her clients issues and assists them in observing themselves positively and without judgment.

Anthony G., Business Owner

Meet Christmas – Your Mentor for Transformational Change

Christmas Miller is an empowerment coach and transformational mentor focused on spiritual and personal development. With decades of experience, she empowers spiritual seekers through her SageFroots Membership, live workshops, and self-paced courses. Christmas provides tailored coaching, practical tools, and a vibrant community to help individuals transform their lives.

Let’s Talk! I’d Love to Help

This was a phenomenal class that I already miss taking, but I look forward to taking the Advanced Psychic Development class and any others Christmas might offer. Her way of teaching is patient, motivating, encouraging, and relatable.”

Bridgette S.

Over 24 Years of Experience  …  

Tailored Coaching Programs

Crafting personalized coaching programs that accelerate personal and spiritual growth.

Retreats Facilitator

Dedicated to creating transformative experiences that promote personal growth and spiritual well-being.

Self-Paced Courses and Live Workshops Facilitator

Creating transformative  live workshops, and self-paced courses for personal and spiritual growth.

Certified Master Life Coach & Holistic Health Practitioner:

Guiding individuals to overcome challenges and create balance in life.

Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Mentor

Renowned for seeing to the heart of matters and delivering insightful laser-focused guidance.

Let’s Elevate Your Journey Together!

My Transformative Coaching Philosophy

My approach is rooted in honesty, authenticity, and self-reflection. By seeing to the heart of matters and blending intuitive insight with strategic coaching, I guide you through overcoming challenges, crafting goals, and creating balance and well-being.

Guiding Principles:

  • Honesty & Authenticity:

    Embracing who you are is essential for growth. We’ll cultivate honesty and authenticity together.

  • Self-Reflection & Change:

    Self-reflection allows for decisive change. I’ll help you identify areas for growth and guide you in creating positive shifts.

  • Balance & Well-Being:

    Creating balance and well-being is fundamental to a fulfilling life. We’ll develop practical tools to bring harmony to your journey.

Elevate Your Knowledge

Explore a wealth of articles offering guidance on personal and spiritual growth. From practical tips to transformative insights, find the resources you need to elevate your journey.

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