Avoid These 7 Dream Killers to Achieve Success

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Dreams are often your desires waiting to manifest. Avoid these 7 dream killers, and you can clear the way to your success!

So why do most people wait to act on their dreams? Fear of failure and procrastination are often the primary reasons. Unfortunately, many folks wait until they are forced to act on their dreams or face a dire situation. For example, a significant loss or being in a state of utter misery can be the catalyst.

Sometimes fears keep you from even trying. If you’ve struggled with fear and procrastination in pursuing your dreams, you’re not alone. Making dreams come true takes pure desire, absolute trust, and consistent action. The truth is you have to want it more than you fear not getting it.

One of the biggest problems with not obtaining success is giving up way before reaching the finish line. We live in a Universe where there is enough for everyone. You have the capacity to make it happen for you. Here are the top reasons I’ve found that can impede your success:

1. Fear

Fear can paralyze you, keeping you from trying or making you start off on a pessimistic foot. This negative foundation leads to a negative self-fulfilling prophecy. When you focus incessantly on something negative, you begin to behave in ways that attract what you fear. It’s the Chicken Little effect 2.0, where you create an outcome that supports your belief, sabotaging your efforts. Moral of the story: don’t believe your negative hype.

2. Procrastination

Procrastination keeps you from starting and getting things done and is a dangerous space for anyone. Failure to act can lead to missed opportunities, relief, and solutions. Procrastination is usually rooted in some fear, lack of discipline, or habit. Unfortunately, this can force you to act when you have few, if any, options. Depending on how deep you’re in, you may not have the fortitude to dig yourself out. If you can get past this—and you can if you try—you have a great chance to leverage your opportunities and actions for success. Procrastination is worse than any competitor will ever be. Don’t let it become your barrier to success.

3. Impatience

You want it all right now and are tired of waiting. So what do you do? You rush the process. Mistake! Rushing often leads to failure and regret. There’s truth to the saying, “Only fools rush in.” Acting hastily can make you look foolish in the end. When you rush things, you create the potential for disaster, making yourself more vulnerable and prone to loss.

Rushing in clouds your ability to foresee obstacles. Everyone has intuition, common sense, and the ability to check facts and sources. You can barge in like a bull in a china shop if you want, but you’ll be sorry. We all know what happens in that analogy—things get broken. It could cost you everything.

4. Failure to Plan

Failure to plan can be a guaranteed impediment to your success. People fail to plan for various reasons, such as feeling more creative doing things on the fly, past success with taking risks, or needing extreme flexibility. These can apply and work for you, but they won’t always work every time.

Times change, people change, opportunities change; therefore, plans will change—guaranteed. Not having a plan is like jumping off a cliff with no parachute. You wouldn’t take that risk for nothing, would you? No matter the dream, you need to plan and consider your life situations—finances, family, career, health, or anything else that’s relevant.

5. Failure to Research

Not doing your research brings no good. Many people regret not doing their due diligence. With changing times and technology, you must stay abreast of what is needed to succeed today. If you do your research and integrate your unique talents, skills, and knowledge, you have a winning chance at success. Do the work, be consistent, and you will see the desired results.

6. Lack of Resources

In some parts of the world, lack of basics can be a real impediment to success. Political climates, economic situations, and opportunities vary across the globe. Thankfully, there are success stories worldwide of individuals who overcame severe poverty, lack of privilege, and opportunity. People like Narendra Modi, Marina Silva, Ursula Burns, and many others offer hope that dreams still do come true.

7. Lack of Capital

Some might think lack of funding shuts down any chances of success. While it certainly limits you, it doesn’t completely shut you down. Nowadays, there are many creative ways to find the capital and investors for your business needs and goals. So a lack of funding is a temporary impediment that only becomes permanent if you fail to do your research and find creative ways to get the capital.

Don’t put off planting the fruitful seeds today for tomorrow’s harvest. Your future depends on what you do now, not later. So don’t put your happiness and dreams on the back-burner any longer.

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