Evolve360 Miami Retreat - 2018

Sisterhood . Sharing . Healing . Evolving

February 23rd-25th

Miami, Florida


Empower Your Divine Feminine

Evolve360 is a fully immersive mind-body-spirit experience and teaches you how to create a life of balance and connectedness. Through deep reflective exercises, emotional exploration, and group coaching, you will have the opportunity to experience personal breakthroughs while creating a platform that expands your consciousness. 

In just one weekend, you will raise your vibration, shift your perspective and achieve a higher level of personal growth than ever before... all while becoming a more fulfilled and happier you! 

This life-changing weekend is led by women who have 'been there, done that' and have the tools to help you through your transformation. You will leave refreshed and able to apply knowledge that creates positive life changes you desire.


After purchasing retreat, we will immediately contact you to schedule your private session(s), with both Christmas and Catherine, during times that are flexible in meeting your needs.

This weekend is for you if . . .

  • You're ready for a life-changing transformation 
  • You're better at giving than receiving 
  • Feel bad or guilty when doing anything for yourself 
  • Find yourself depleted, exhausted, resentful, or burned out . . . but still cannot say "NO" 
  • Have dreams and goals, but are worried you won't be able to create the life you truly want

AND, you don't know where or how to make the change 

The Spiritual & The Sacred

Healing of Emotions

Attraction & Manifestation

The Balance of Well-Being

Evolve 360 Was Created Specifically For You!

After Evolve 360, you will have the tools to...

  • Feel confident, with the support of beautiful and compassionate women, just like you! 
  • Be fully authentic, aligned, and empowered!
  • Attract more abundance into your life! 
  • Set clear boundaries, with pure integrity and love!
  • Practice the power of self-care and understand how your well-being improves the lives of those you love!  

Your Life is Waiting. Join Us.



Christmas Miller is the Founder of Illuminations Intuitive Consult. A Certified Life Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, and highly proficient Intuitive, she has been in private practice for over 17 years helping individuals to live their best lives. 

Catherine Davis is the Founder of The Happy Home Worker where she provides holistic career coaching to help others create the career of THEIR dreams while maintaining optimal work-life balance through concrete actionable steps.

"you can also learn from other participant’s sharing their challenges and successes."  

"I found that setting aside dedicated time within a facilitator-led workshop was helpful in not only understanding blocks to my personal and professional fulfillment, but in taking the time to get clear about what I want and need out of my life and relationships. This can be a daunting process to do on your own, but Christmas was extremely helpful and encouraging in guiding me towards “my truths.” The group setting was helpful too because it reinforces that you are not the only one dealing with an issue and you can also learn from other participant’s sharing their challenges and successes." - Holly Jones

This group coaching experience was phenomenal! 

"We received much more content than I anticipated. Chris also recommended additional resources that complement the course very well. The exercises do challenge you, however, taking every step of the process seriously pays great benefits in the end when intentionally managing your thoughts becomes a regular task. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone and would also consider taking it again." - Jetaun Davis

Your Life is Waiting. Join Us.