The Importance of Connection – Before Intimacy in a Relationship


Intimacy, connections, and love . . .

Love. It’s a wonderful, magical, challenging concept, and one of the best parts of being human. When you are ready to enter into a partnership with another person, you are giving them the gift of your mind, heart, and body.

After all, it goes without saying that most love relationships progress to a form of intimacy—whether it’s after a few dates or years of getting to know each other.

While the physical aspects of intimacy with your partner are an important part of the relationship, there is something else that plays into the quality of all of your encounters—connection. We all know what connection is in its most basic form.

It’s that primal, mystical feeling you get when in the presence of another person. It’s that “oh, there you are!” feeling when being introduced to someone that melds with you on a soul level.

See Connections as They Are – Not How You Want Them to Be

Although connection may seem simple at times, forming a deep connection with another human being is one of the most challenging parts of a relationship.

Romantically, we tend to run with the slightest positive connection felt and make assumptions about where it may lead—all too often to be disappointed. But if a connection is so vital, how can it be so hard?

It all comes down to vulnerability and trust. As adults, it is easy to build a wall around our hearts after working through the tragedies, challenges, and heartbreaks that come with life.

To create a solid connection, we need to break those walls down. Only when we let our partner see who we truly are—good and bad—can we build the type of connection that enhances all facets of a relationship.

So, why is this so important to do before intimacy enters the equation? The fact is, the physical expression of our love is closely tied to emotional intimacy. While it doesn’t take an emotional connection to be intimate, having that connection leads to a much deeper, spiritual experience.

By opening our hearts to another, we give them a path to a greater understanding of everything that makes us who we are—which in turn leads to a physical connection that is more fulfilling and exciting than we ever dreamed possible.

Building Relationships and Connections

Building a relationship with another person takes time—even if you have a strong initial attraction to your partner. But isn’t that one of the best parts of the journey? Love is so much more than just physical attraction and enjoying the company of another person.

It is also about connecting with their souls. It is about finding that spark of light within them that teaches you more about who you are and how you can grow as a person by their side. Although creating a deep connection may not be instantaneous—trust me, it’s worth the wait.

My grandmother used to say, “Be patient and wait for the right thing. You can always rush the wrong thing faster.” And let me tell you, she was right! There is certainly something to the saying, “patience is a virtue.”

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