Live with Positive Intentions and Transform Your Reality

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Are you living your life with positive-based intentions? People usually talk about intention when they are willing and determined to do something they want or need to do. But what about those other gray areas of life that occur beyond that?

The last time I checked, ALL facets of your life are important and should be handled that way. We shouldn’t wait until something becomes a need to set intentions for it. And understand me; I’m all for goal setting. We should take this approach to all aspects of our lives to create more fulfillment.

If we were more positively intentional about everything, there wouldn’t be any room to be manipulated, controlled, unhappy, uncertain about who we are, or buy into conspiracies and the like because you’d be positively focused on creating YOUR reality rather than someone else’s.

I don’t think any human being consciously “sets intentions” to fail, undermine their efforts, glorify pain, fear, confusion, or summon all the negativity they can muster into their life experiences because it works for them. Nope, regardless of what you’ve heard. Human beings are not gluttons for punishment.

So what would this positive-based intention look like in this 3D reality? Well, something like this:

  • You become positively engrossed in the intentions you set for yourself and experience them in real-time.
  • You will generate more positive Universal energy and vibrational currency to attract everything you need to achieve what you intend.
  • You stay more aligned and in flow with the Universal Laws that facilitate flow, rhythm, ease, attraction, oneness, and wellbeing despite the fluctuation of surrounding energies and events.
  • You become clearer about your options and opportunities to support your intentions and achieve success in the highest and best manner for you and others involved.

These are just a few examples of how your positive-based intention paves the way for alignment to physically manifest the rest, hence your successful obtainment or outcome. No one consciously sets themselves up to fail. I wouldn’t do it, and I know you wouldn’t either. That said, it means negativity of any kind should ever be part of one’s intention.

So if you are in a negative state of mind, hold opposing beliefs to what you desire, or have the notion of entertaining harmful intentions towards another, BEWARE. You are then consciously and willfully, with thoughts and feelings which are all ENERGY and, in essence, “an action,” bringing it back home to it’s sender.

In other words, you get back what you give. Energy doesn’t discriminate, and the Universe has NO favorites! So be mindful of your energy. What you do to others, you do to yourself, a Universal Law that death won’t let you escape. And this, my friends, is no joke. It is a real thing you’re doing. If you don’t understand Universal Laws, now’s the time to get familiar with the Universal Law of Oneness and Attraction.

You don’t have to believe it and I strongly don’t encourage you to test it. So if you are working towards positive outcomes for yourself, stay in positive energy, intentions, and alignment with what you are focusing on. It takes practice and repetition, but it will become a new healthy habit that pays forward to a happier and more fulfilled life.

When living with positive intentions, you are setting up a mindset for success and creating a healthy habit. Intentions create your reality, so set positive-based intentions for yourself. This effort is a conscious and deliberate action on your part. And that, my friends, is how you should live your life purposefully and on your terms.



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