Love for Life 360 Relationship Readiness Program
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A practical, step-by-step method that helps you heal, prepare and attract the most compatible ideal partner for a loving relationship. 

Begins February 25, 2019


Are you ...


Or, maybe this?

You keep attracting the wrong people You don't believe there are any good options left You can't find prospects who share your values, beliefs or similar interests You don't want to waste time on people who aren't serious about commitment


The GOOD News is ... This is NOT how your story ends! 

There's a reason why so many people are still looking for their ideal mates. You can find happiness and fulfilment with someone that's just right for you, and I can show you how! Buckle up - I'm going to take you on a journey of healing and rediscovery of who you are. If you are ready to do the work that brings you the ultimate love and ideal partner, then keep reading!  

Clarity and Confidence

To Get What You Need and Want in a Relationship

Gain a new perspective and outlook on Love

That's just some of what you'll get with this program.

Never settle again on your happiness and what you deserve in a loving partnership. I know you've been hurt before and don't want to waste valuable time. I promise you that you won't. I'm certain you won't feel any doubt about how to approach your next relationship.

In my program, I have given you clear instruction on how to work through each aspect of this program. From start to finish, you will reconnect and re-create a healthier and more vibrant you! All of the content is easy to digest and implement.  

I'm confident that you will never settle on your happiness and doubt your ability to attract and find love again.  

This Program is for You, IF YOU ARE...

  • Ready for a healthy long-term relationship.
  • Tired and frustrated with dates that lead you nowhere.
  • Continually disappointed in your love life and want to understand why?
  • Ready to heal from your past relationships.
  • In a relationship that has run its course and you're ready to move on.

Some of what we'll dig into ...

  • Defining your needs and wants for your ideal relationship
  • Belief archetypes and frameworks
  • Getting out of your way to allow real healing
  • Managing your emotional intelligence
  • Conscious dating and courtship
  • Sexual relationships and energy Cords
  • Toxic and dysfunctional relationships
  • Self-sabotage and recognizing triggers
  • Defining your relationship goals
  • Identifying your ideal candidates

...And so much more!

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Here's what you will experience ...

Insight and clarity on your past and present journey to love ...

And its impact on who you are now. In-depth analysis and introspection of your beliefs, emotional and mental framework that has contributed to your experiences.

Release, exhale and heal - your rite of passage to letting go ...

You will finally be free of what's been keeping you from love and clear on what you need to experience it. You'll feel lighter, clearer and motivated to move forward.

Elevated vibration and magnified attraction power ...

ou will learn to harness your natural feminine power and align to attract your ideal partner for love. Confidence is, but the courage to own who you, what you need and want will make attracting them to you much easier.

Conscious alignment to receive the love of your life ...

Conscious decisive action towards what you want with the belief that you can have it will help you get the love you deserve. You will learn to flow with ease and ride the wave of your renewed confidence and embrace this new sense of self. 

Gemstone Apple

The balance of your energy, vitality and well-being ...

Self-care is the best care and sets the tone of how you teach others how to treat you. You'll explore what you need and how to experience a relationship full of vitality, fulfillment, passion, and ease.

Self-mastery and practical tools to overcome today's challenges to love ...

Societal and cultural influence can often present additional challenges to love. You'll learn how to navigate today's challenges to love while creating a foundation on which to build a strong relationship while staying true to yourself.

Deeper understanding and awareness of relationship roles ...

You'll easily recognize relationships meant for love and those you will have to let go. Your decision to define your relationship needs will be effortless. You will feel confident in your discernment of good connections while making your needs a priority in your choices. 

Conscious connecting, managing and enjoying your journey to love ...

You will set deliberate intentions geared towards your ideal relationship goals and outline your reframed vetting options. Your confidence in your conscious selection of a perfect match will be made from a place of positivity, clarity, and empowerment.

  •  8 HD Clear Video Modules of the Course Content ($997 value)

Module 1: The Inner Work - Introspection

Module 2: The Inner Work - Healing

Module 3: Setting the Stage for Love

Module 4: Conscious Alignment for Love

Module 5: Ultimate Relationship Goals

Module 6: Mastering Challenges to Love

Module 7: Karmic Relationships/Soulmate Connections 

Module 8: Conscious Connecting

Plus These ...

  • Course Work book and Self-reflective Exercises & Worksheets 
  • Tips & Effective Strategies for healing and wellbeing
  • Guided audio visualization exercises
  • Self-paced learning environment so you can learn anytime, anywhere with video and audio 24/7.
  • Lifetime Membership and Access Portal to Course Content

And Don't Forget This ...

  • 60 Minute RCC (Intuitive Relationship Coaching Call): You get a private 1-on-1 call with Christmas after you've completed the program. ($260 value)
  • Forgiveness Guided Meditation MP3 ($10 value)
  • VIP Facebook Group Membership access
  • Exclusive Discounts towards future group retreats  

Why Work With Me?

Previous Clients Have This Say ...

This group coaching experience was phenomenal! The class overall has helped me to be very mindful of my thoughts and feelings. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone.

Jetaun Davis 

Participating in one of Christmas’ workshops is more than a workshop, to me, it is an investment. I found this workshop extremely rewarding. These are life long materials that can be utilized.

T. Lofton

This workshop was nothing below amazing!! It really helped me to open my eyes to bad habits I must change and things I must let go of. I would recommend it to anyone.

Brittany Bates

Christmas was extremely helpful and encouraging in guiding me towards “my truths.” The group setting was helpful because it reinforces that you are not the only one dealing with an issue and you can also learn from other participant’s sharing their challenges and successes.

Holly Jones

Got Questions?  

When does the course start?

Registration is now open. The course officially starts February 25, 2019

What happens after I buy?

After your payment processes, you will receive a emailed receipt and registration confirmation with full access to the course.

What do I need to access the course?

All course content is provided for you. You can access the course via computer, mobile device or tablet with internet access. 

How long will it take to complete this course?

The course is self-paced. You can take as long as you need to work through each module.There is no rush. 

Can I take the course if I'm not in the US?

Absolutely! You will have full access to the course content at any time via your registered account.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to help single, separated or divorced women get emotionally healthy, mentally focused and energetically aligned to receive the love they deserve.

Would you recommend this course for younger women under 25?

Yes! I believe young women should be emotionally prepared for a positive love experience. They will learn to embrace their self-worth and learn not to settle for less than they deserve. The minimum age to enroll is 18. 

Do you offer refunds?

There is no risk in enrolling and I want you to be 100% satisfied. We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you decide Love 360: The Ultimate Relationship Readiness Course isn’t right for you, just email us within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.



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