The Necessities of Saying No: Embrace Your Authentic Self


Are you finding it hard these days to say no to the things and people in your life? Is it difficult to decline going out of your way because it has now become an expectation from others? If so, then it’s time to step outside of yourself and re-evaluate what is working and what’s not working in your life. Usually, there is a correlation between the two, and when you are not aligned, you are not saying “No” enough.

Let me briefly explain. When you are aligned with Self, you are in a place of “Yes.” There are positive interactions, decisions, subsequent outcomes, and usually no discomfort in saying no, especially when necessary. But when we continue to practice (mentally or physically) or engage in anything negative, we are not doing three important steps in life:

  1. Not operating on our highest and best levels
  2. Not aligned with what we desire and want in life
  3. Not living an authentic life

Saying no is just the delivery of a word, but it’s a step and intention of staying aligned with what is best for you. When we don’t strive for that balance of Self, the negative energy (fear, reluctance, and anxiety) of saying the word prevents one from following through with it. Therefore, we continue the habitual pattern of doing things we really don’t want to do or shouldn’t do.

We end up engaging people who aren’t working for our highest and best and a multitude of other things that take us farther in the wrong direction. When you feel discomfort, fear, or anxiety from saying no to people or things that go against the grain of your inner spirit, stop and pay attention to that. When you just simply feel wrong about doing it or being involved with it in general, that’s a wake-up call!

When you have to compromise yourself, your values, your feelings, or well-being at the risk of simply saying no, then that’s a problem and one that can lead to even bigger problems and issues. Remember, you are ALWAYS the gatekeeper of what you allow into your experience. Equally, you can shut it down at any time! Any situation that makes you feel compromised, afraid, uncomfortable, or unhappy, take a moment to think before you act on those things.

You are solely responsible for your own happiness and the introduction of anything that enters your life. So the next time you find it uncomfortable saying “No,” then say “Yes” to balance and peace of mind before you justify doing something that already feels bad. Go ahead and do what you are already feeling strongly guided to do – Just simply say no. You honor yourself when you uphold healthy boundaries.

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