A New You Awaits – New Year Resolutions that Empower You!

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As the clock counts down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, people everywhere are looking towards the coming year with hope for positive changes in their lives. There are many ways that we celebrate ringing in a new year, but making resolutions remain one of the most favorite traditions for those who want to take a step towards a happier, healthier life.

When making our New Year’s resolutions, however, are we doing ourselves a favor? While it’s true that we are making these decisions with the intention of creating positive changes, more often than not, we are also setting ourselves up for feeling like a failure if we don’t meet our set “goals.”

For example, one of the most popular resolutions women make is to lose X-amount of weight in the new year. What does this decision tell our sub-conscious mind? This type of statement implies that we do not believe we are perfect, whole, attractive, or beautiful in our current situation – leading to feelings of frustration and disempowerment before we have even started working towards our goal on January 1st.

Instead of creating resolutions based upon lack of money, self-worth, etc. I invite you to think about making a resolution that empowers you – mentally, psychically, spiritually, and emotionally. What does this type of resolution symbolize? Check out the following empowering decisions that you could adapt to your needs to make this coming year the best year ever:


#1 - I Will Embrace My Worth

One of the most far-reaching resolutions you can apply to so many aspects of your life – whether you are feeling under-appreciated at home, looked over for a promotion at work or struggling with self-confidence. Commit your next year to embracing the beauty and power that is inherently within you. When we let our light shine, we illuminate the world around us.


#2 - I Will Create Healthy Boundaries

Those who are empathic or sensitive tend to fall into roles where they are being taken advantage above or abused in some way. Regardless of your relationship to them, toxic people have no place in a peaceful life. Take time this year to start saying “No” to situations that do not support your higher purpose, and surround yourself with those who love and honor you.

#3 - I Will Focus on Mindfulness

Although it is an ancient concept, the practice of mindfulness has become a popular buzzword in the past couple years – and for a good reason! Many of us live in a constant state of chaos, and it is easy to forget to take time out of our schedules to come back to the simple beauty of life. By you being mindful in the new year, this fosters more positivity. It can also reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety for a more peaceful mindset.

#4 - I Will Become MY Own Best Friend

I know, it sounds cliché, but coming to a mental space where you love, honor, and respect yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give your soul. Regardless of where you have been and where you will go, the path to happiness is paved with self-love. Honor this relationship by taking the time to enjoy the things you are passionate about in the new year to help reclaim your self-acceptance.

The new year is an opportunity to embrace changes with a blank slate – which can be both exciting and overwhelming! Instead of bogging yourself down in all the “should’s” of this new year, consider making a resolution that empowers you to grow into an even greater version of who you truly are. By doing this, we not only create positive changes, we also find peace within our daily existence.

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